Welcome to Professor Shiyuan Liu Group - Nanoscale and Optical Metrology (NOM) Group.

Nanomanufacturing refers to the manufacturing of products with feature dimensions at the nanometer scale. It is an essential bridge between the newest discoveries of fundamental nanoscience and real-world products by nanotechnology. For nanotechnology-based products to achieve broad impacts to society and to promise huge benefits to our everyday lives, they must be manufactured in market-appropriate quantities by reliable, repeatable, economical, and commercially viable methods. One of the most critical issues to this realization of robust nanomanufacturing is the development of necessary instrumentation and metrology at the nanoscale.

Headed by Professor Shiyuan Liu and jointly supported by Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO) and State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology (DMET), the NOM Group covers all areas of nanometrology and instrumentation with an emphasis on the development of noncontact, nondestructive, inexpensive, and time-effective techniques that support nanomanufacturing process to be controllable, predictable, repeatable and scalable.

Currently the research of NOM includes but is not limited to optical methods for the in-line metrology of critical dimension (CD), overlay, sidewall angle (SWA), line edge roughness (LER), line width roughness (LWR), full 3D profile, as well as mechanical properties of nanostructures in micro/nano-electronic devices and micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS).

NOM is also actively working in the field of optical lithography, including partially coherent imaging theory, 3D mask modeling, optical proximity correction (OPC), source mask optimization (SMO), inverse lithography technology (ILT), focusing and leveling sensors, polarization aberration modeling and metrology, and wavefront aberration metrology.